How-to Use Photoshop CS2 in Ubuntu

Everybody know about be hard of GIMP to edit picture and want to use Photoshop but Photoshop is not have Linux Version (only Mac and Windows). Now i can found procedure to use PhotoshopCS2 in my Ubuntu. Please read carefully and doing step by step. Ok let’s go.


Download Portable PhotoshopCS2 Now I have upload this file at Thai server (thanks ) Click –> Portable.photoshopCS2

Extract file downloaded at temp folder (eg. desktop) and Copy this folder to /home/*username*/.wine/drive_c/Program\ files/

(Option: if you download this file from Windows please change permission to read and write (sudo chmod 777)


Test run interminal type: wine /home/*username*/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/PortaShopCS2/PhotoshopPortable.exe


PS. In my opinion ” Photoshop is easy to use than GIMP “


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